A 78-card deck for healing, insight, and inspiration.

Embark on a powerful journey of self-discovery with the Genius Garden Tarot. Use this hand-painted deck for divination, reflection, journaling, study, and more.

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Tarot Spread Archive

This collection of 25+ card layouts includes the Life Path Tarot Spread, the Inner Child Tarot Spread, and 3 Tarot Spreads for Working with the Moon.


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Messages and insight for every astrological sign. Read your sun, moon, and rising tarotscopes for a total overview of the month ahead.



Welcome to the Genius Garden, a space that cultivates and celebrates divine creativity and self-discovery. Episodes include artist interviews, guided meditations, tarot explorations, and honest thoughts on the quest for mindfulness and creative freedom.

About Me

Jessi Huntenburg is an artist, writer, and tarot reader who lives in Philadelphia with her yoga-teaching husband, her world-building daughter, and her fly-chasing cat.

Her newest offering, the Genius Garden Tarot, is launching through Kickstarter in Spring 2023.

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