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This collection of tarot spreads was lovingly made to guide you on your journey through self-discovery with the tarot. It includes fifty unique, one-of-a-kind spreads designed to help you navigate career and business, love and relationships, self-discovery, shifts and transitions, magick and lunar phases, and health and wellness.

Here are just some of the spreads you can work with in this e-book:

Body Positive Spread

Inner Teenager Spread

Spread to Prepare for Ritual

Spread to Connect With Spirit

Astral Reflections Spread

The Wake-up Spread

Shadow Magick Spread

Each spread is designed to help you get to the heart of the matter–you’ll explore the energies working with you, potential obstacles you’ll meet along the way, and how you can move through resistance to discover the pearl at the center of any situation.

You won’t find any cookie-cutter positions here. I listened to your suggestions and I put my heart and soul into this one–you’ll feel the love when you use this book as a resource in your tarot journey!

Each page includes a vibrant, watercolor underlay to help you bring color and honesty to your readings, and each section was chosen with your specific goals, struggles, triumphs, and musings in mind–this is for you.


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