In the autumn of 2014, I discovered the power of magick.

I’d changed jobs, moved house, gotten married, and had a child within the span of a year, and I barely knew who I was anymore. I could no longer go through the motions, detached and disconnected from myself and the great, energetic consciousness that powers all things.

For reasons I still can’t really explain, I decided to cast a spell.

I’d been a card-carrying atheist for over 15 years. I’d never practiced anything resembling magick before. I had no tools, no knowledge, no practice. But I’d reached the point where I felt like I had nothing left to lose, so I surrendered myself to the unknown and spoke my wish to the universe:

I miss writing. I miss thinking. I miss creating. I want to be the vehicle for these things and so much more. Please, help me return to myself.

My first spell was brief, but it was heartfelt, humble, and sincere. I let my guard down and I let the mysteries in. I felt something move in my body that I hadn’t felt in a long time, and I knew that my journey had begun.

I commited myself to a magickal life right then and there, and I truly haven’t look back since.

Eight years on, I write again. I think again. I create again. I love better, feel better, and live better because I practice magick, ritual, mindfulness, and heart-opening on a regular basis.

It’s my mission to help you achieve this same fulfillment, creativity, and connection through spiritual and magickal practice. Through the Mind Witch Academy, I provide opportunities for you to learn, reflect, practice, and connect as you navigate your spiritual journey.

The lessons and e-courses in the Mind Witch Academy support you as you embrace the vast realm of consciousness and use what you learn to co-create a powerful, meaningful experience for yourself and those around you. I’m not going to tell you it’ll be easy–my resources and services are meant to challenge you to face your fears, lean into resistance, and to take uncomfortable risks.

What I can tell you is that if you accept the challenge and do the work, you’ll build the courage, resiliency, and belief you need to get out there and do what lights your soul on fire.

Magick and spiritual practice have given me the life I’ve always wanted. I’m humbled and excited to share what I’ve learned so that you may have the life you’ve always wanted, too.

Let’s take this magickal journey together!

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