TAROTSCOPES | November 2022

It’s tarotscope time again, Beauties! November just happens to be the month of my solar return, and what better way to celebrate than to channel glorious messages from the Moonchild Tarot for you? Kick back, relax, and imbibe the wisdom of the cards. May these insights guide and inspire you, and don’t forget to read your moon sign and rising sign tarotscopes as well!

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And now, on to the tarotscopes!

Aries | Seven of Cups

The greatest blessing and curse of self-awareness is choice. When we carefully consider what will benefit us and those around us, choice becomes our pathway to greater freedom and autonomy. When we surrender ourselves to whim and let our untempered mind lead, choice becomes the shackle that keeps us from building the life of our dreams.

Don’t be seduced by flashing lights and domineering forces this month, Aries. You can choose where you direct your attention and what you spend your time pursuing. If a tempting diversion or opportunity presents itself, take a moment to consider if indulging will serve your values, goals, and aims. If the answer is “no,” kindly send it on its way and redirect your focus onto something worthwhile.

Taurus | Queen of Cups

Plumb the depths of your soul this month, Taurus–there’s something amazing there waiting to be discovered. As the days grow shorter and colder, embrace the hygge lifestyle. Take long baths, light copious candles, and cocoon yourself in a warm blanket as you deeply ponder who you are, where you’re going, and where you’ve been.

If you’re longing to escape into a good book or series, indulge. Amp up your tarot journaling practice and set aside more time for meditation. As you love and comfort yourself, insights will arise organically. Focus on creating the perfect environment for reflection, and the answers you’ve been looking for will reveal themselves to you.

Gemini | King of Swords

This month will challenge you to showcase your cleverness and clarity in the service of a larger project, situation, or scheme. When the time comes, can you do what needs to be done? Are you able to keep your eyes on the bigger picture and avoid getting caught up in the minutiae? You may feel pulled in a few different directions, but if you’re ever in doubt over which decision to make, zoom out so you can see things from a broader perspective.

The King of Swords isn’t always liked, but he is deeply respected for his clear-mindedness and wise leadership. Step into this empowered role with confidence and grace, Gemini, and you can’t go wrong.

Cancer | Three of Pentacles

Team work makes the dream work, Cancer, so join hands with your truest collaborators and make something magnificent this month! 

Reach out when you need guidance or advice. Accept help when it’s offered. Understand that you don’t have to do it all alone, and that you couldn’t even if you wanted to. You need the support of the people in your life, and they need you. We are all interconnected and interdependent. Set pride aside and begin nurturing collaborative relationships that will bring your wildest dreams into being!

Leo | Eight of Wands

When you get focused, things get moving, Leo. If you’ve spent the recent retrograde season resting, rejuvenating, and reassessing, you’ve likely clarified a thing or two regarding the path ahead. If you chose to push through and burnout is imminent, this is a clarion call to step back, take a break, and use this last bit of liminal energy to recuperate and consider the next step.

Once you decide to follow your heart, momentum will instantly rise up and push you forward. Choose carefully, because once you do, you’re halfway to your destination.

Virgo | Four of Cups

This month offers you a question, Virgo–why won’t you move forward? New opportunities for emotional growth and connection are calling out to you, but you can’t seem to leave the past in the past. Are you clinging because you’re afraid? Are you seeking closure, or are you wasting time wishing things had gone differently?

You can’t change anything that’s already happened, no matter how much you might want to do so. What you can do is let go, gain confidence, and face a new day with the insight and wisdom that past experience has given you.

Libra | Three of Cups

Receive the invitation to spend time with your kindreds this month, Libra–you deserve the loving embrace of those who accept you fully and unconditionally. You deserve to laugh about the absurdity of life. You deserve to share who you are with those who respect and care about you, and to hold space for them to share themselves with you, too.

If you have a strong network of close friends, throw a potluck so you can gather and connect. If you’re looking to make new connections, take a class or attend an event that showcases your interests. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there–your boldness and authenticity will be rewarded.

Scorpio | Queen of Swords

There is a way to be clear and honest without being cruel, Scorpio, and the Queen of Swords is inviting you to transition into the clear, compassionate confidant you’ve always been. You have an innate ability to see the lives of others quite clearly, and the wherewithal to share your insights with them. In your quest for honesty and clarity, however, you sometimes deliver your guidance a little too bluntly, hurting feelings and eroding trust in the process.

Use discernment when choosing when and how you reveal your insights. Be clear, but kind. If you take this message to heart, you’ll strengthen your relationships and grow in compassion.

Sagittarius | Seven of Wands

A force is fixing to rise up and challenge you this month, Sagittarius, but never fear–you have the higher ground. This force has underestimated your strength, cunning, and perseverance, so it cannot win. You will have to stay vigilant and focused, however. This isn’t something you can ignore and expect to go away.

This force could take the shape of a loved one, an enemy, a situation, or even an internal struggle. There’s no need to be on the lookout–only the need to be ready. Rise to the challenge, triumph, and show yourself and the world just how bold you are.

Capricorn | Ten of Wands

Carry your responsibilities with courage and poise, Capricorn, but don’t be a martyr. Delegate when possible. Take breaks to consider which efforts are worthwhile and which are simply draining you. There’s a great deal of shadow in the tasks that don’t serve, but that you seem to be unable to let go of. Don’t be afraid to look at that shadow and to mend the wounds that wish to be healed. If you must lay down your load to figure out what truly matters, please do. Get clear on the tasks that connect and uplift you, and it’ll become easier to prioritize those over that which burdens you unnecessarily.

Aquarius | The Chariot

We’re raised to believe that we harbor the dichotomy of a duel self, Aquarius, but this isn’t entirely accurate. Why split that which desires to live as a harmonious whole? Instead of focusing on what’s “right” and what’s “wrong,” feel into your heart space and let it guide you. If it feels good and right and true when you consider it with your whole being, than it’s good an right and true for you. Hush the naysayers if they overstep their bounds. Look within (and not without), for guidance.

This month promises great things for you, Aquarius, but only if you can embody confidence and wisdom and let the Genius within you lead.

Pisces | Knight of Wands

The time has come for you to be bold, Pisces–timidity and waffling won’t serve you now. There’s something growing in your heart that wants to be heard, seen, and understood, and it needs you to pluck up your courage and try your best to express it. Maybe it won’t be perfect. Maybe it will utterly fail. And maybe it will light up the cosmos of your life and open the door to glorious possibility. Believe it or not, the outcome barely matters. It’s the effort that counts–prove that you’re brave enough to take a chance on yourself by going for it!

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